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A screw type system, developed for the recycling of waste concrete and washing water in small size and mobile plants (1 – 5 mixer trucks).

The screw is adjustable to compensate for any wear on the flights, maintaining the quality of reclaimed aggregates. Receiving hoppers are available in various configurations and sizes to suit individual needs. The RWS-system is quick and simple to install.

  • Washing capacity 12 m³/h
  • Separation cut of 0.2 mm
  • Bearimgs positioned outside water area
  • Heatable system
  • Completely hot dip galvanized
  • Height adjustment of screw allows to compensate for wear which extends the life time and reduces costs for replacement flights

This mobile concept includes the installation of the machine on a skid together with all its components and a greywater tank with agitator. The water is pumped into the tank via a pump sump attached to the recycling machine.


In this mobile concept, the machine is installed within the greywater tank thereby eliminating the need for a pump sump. The whole plant is set in a hole in the ground to enable it to receive washout from a mixer truck.

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