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A ground level discharge system for concrete pumps etc. than can also accept surface or washwater.

The PDC transports the waste into the recycler leaving the receiving hopper avail-
able for the truck mixers.


A ComTec machine equipped with an external row of buckets.

This compact solution lifts the waste from washing out concrete pumps or the batching plant into the ComTec without placing the machine below ground level.
The external buckets are mounted on an extension of the main shaft of the ma-


The advantage of a dosing buffer derives from the possibility to discharge several trucks at higher speed. The dosing buffer collects the residual material and continuously feeds it into the connected recycling machine. The produced washing quality as well as the separation cut of the fines contained in the greywater is assured as they are independent of the evacuation speed of the trucks. Due to the higher dis-
charge speed of the trucks the total time for the discharge and wash process of the trucks is significantly reduced.


Sand and gravel separator is a robust and easy to retrofit unit to separate the reclaimed material to increase the quality. Different designs are available.

Sand and gravel separator are available with a dewatering deck as well as decks
for up to 3 fractions.


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