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Recycling systems are used in addition to the ready mix concrete industry in the precast and concrete goods industry. In this case the requirements are different in comparison to the requirements in the ready mix plant. Lies the main focus on the recycling of the residual material in the ready mix concrete plant, so the focus is primarily in the precast and concrete goods industry in the field of treatment of excess wash water.

Excess water which can not be used directly in the mixing process is clarified here, so that clean water is available. This can be used in the production process or discharged after treatment into the canalisation.

The produced sludge during wastewater treatment process is also used as far as possible again in the mixing process to form a closed circuit. If the amount of produced sludge may be greater than the usable amount in the mixing process, so the system can be supplemented with a chamber filter press.

For the use case in the precast concrete products industry and the BIBKO® product range includes the following recycling system:


The RWS system is used in precast plants, where small amounts of residual material and washwater occurs.

The screw is adjustable to compensate for any wear on the flights, maintaining the quality of recovered aggregates.

Receiving hoppers are available in various configurations and sizes to suit individual needs.

  • High discharge point
  • Integrated clarification process (option)
  • Washing capacity 2 – 6 m³
  • Height adjustment of screw allowsto adapt the system to different materials
  • Bearing outside water area
  • Compact system with small foot print
  • lacement flights

The ComTec system is used in precast plants, where medium to large amounts of residual material and washwater occurs.

It is equipped with a patented design discharge conveyor that is available in different lenghts to offer material storage to suit your needs.

The machine is fitted with an aluminium cover for easy inspection. An optional extra winter package is also available.

Receiving hoppers are available in various configurations and sizes to suit individual needs

  • Straight filtration of greywater possible
  • Fines are discharged in a compressed and semi-dry filter cake
  • No more extensive handling of wet sludge
  • Different closing options from manual to automatic are available
  • Applicable to reduce density in the agitator pit

Washing and grinding water can be cleaned in a clarification unit that uses the Dortmund design principle. Water is fed into the inner pipe and due to restraint guidance and the effect of gravity the fines areaccelerated downwards and clear water upwards, in an outer pipe.

A thinker in the lower part of the tower keeps the fines from going hard. The sludge can be pumped away and offers the possibility of being returned to
the batching process or further processed through a filter press.

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